InternetSafetyLogoThere was a day when our kids use to pass notes in class; play board games with the family or go to the library to check out a book. Those activities have been replaced with texting, online gaming and surfing the web. As a parent, we are faced with the challenge of protecting our kids and teens from the risks associated with online behaviors. This task can be taunting when kids know more than their parents.

As a parent, do you know the latest teen Internet trends? If your child was engaging in risky behaviors, are you aware of the signs to look for? Perhaps the most important question of all is simply – do you know what your child knows about the Internet? You can get an in-depth look at the world wide web; social networking; instant messaging; and texting. You can obtain strategies and suggestions to help ensure your child’s Internet activities are as safe as possible.

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For The Tech Savvy Parent

If your a tech savvy parent or willing to become a little tech savvy, I would like to inform you that there are ways to protect your home network such as mobile devices, laptops, and desktops with Enterprise level security and logging in your home for no cost at all. Be able to track, control, and know what your children are browsing. That’s right I am going to give you a little secret trade of the IT world that most people don’t know about. There are so many open source security appliances that can be downloaded and used for free right in your home. I am going to provide some links to some of the most powerful open source security technologies on the market today! Check them out…

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