Free Sign up for the Pickaway County Sheriff’s Office “nixle alerts system”. This service is free to sign up for. You can do this by filling your information in the form below or fill in the nixle website widget on the right side of every page on our site to receive SMS text messages, e-mails, or both methods for alert notifications. Our nixle system will alert you on information such as public safety, road closings, accidents, emergency situations, weather advisories, general news, press-releases, and any other important information we may have available for the citizens of Pickaway County. You can also sign up for alerts by texting your ZIP code to 888777. It’s that easy.

Your phone number or e-mail address cannot be view by anyone at the Pickaway County Sheriff’s Office using the nixle system. This is to protect the privacy of any subscribers personal or sensitive information. The Pickaway County Sheriff’s Office does not SPAM, or redistribute your e-mail address or mobile phone number as it would fall in violation of our terms and agreement and privacy policy act.

“Click Here” to receive detailed instructions for registering directly from a mobile device. These instructions will show you how to send a text message using an iPhone, Android, BlackBerry, and a standard mobile phone. After you send your text you will receive a confirmation text coming from the 888777 number. Remember all alerts will come from this number. In the confirmation text it will ask for you to send a reply with the word YES or it will ask for your ZIP code depending on the model of your mobile phone. Note that you can stop any future text alerts by sending a text message to 888777 with the word STOP.

If you have any question in general or issues registering or need assistance with un-registering, please click here to contact the webmaster using the online contact form located under our General Information tab. Be sure to include enough information that will allow for removal. Note: we will be adding more useful information as common questions and request come in. There will be some development in our FAQ’s section to cover most common questions or any possible issues with the nixle system if any to better serve our website service users.

Check out and download the apple iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad app of our nixle alert system by clicking here.