Sep 17

Pickaway County Sheriff’s Office New Fiber Optic Connection

The Pickaway County Sheriff’s Office advances with a new fiber optic connection to the Internet. This was a major hurdle in the past due to issues with obtaining permits to get past the railroads, power lines, highways, and creeks.

Matthew D. Parish started the project back in mid April this year. The issue started when more bandwidth was needed for current and upcoming projects such as multiple VPN connections, stream video camera data, web services, e-mail services, GPS/AVL services, and basic web access from the network.

The current T-1 that we had in place just was not enough to handle the day-to-day needs of our office. Matt spent much time working with Time Warner and looking through blue prints of our county to determine the best path to start construction for the fiber. After the plan was laid out and the fiber was ran, expansion for cable service was ran as well with the fiber and additional conduits for future runs under the railroads.

The objective for the cable service is to be compliant with the change over for February 2009, plus this will act as a backup data service to our primary fiber connection. The fiber optic was laid with the intent for future growth in much needed bandwidth. There are 12 fibers ran with a total of 24 gigabits worth of bandwidth for future growth with point-to-point connections from building to building or direct Internet.

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Sep 15

Pickaway County Sheriff’s Office ToughBook Grant

The Pickaway County Sheriff’s Office obtained a grant for technology that covered the cost of $230,000.00 at no cost to the County. The project was laid out to be a major upgrade from the current technology that was issued in the patrol cars back in 2004 from another grant that Lt. Dale E. Parish obtained to perform infield electronic reporting.

This upgrade was laid out for proprietary needs to help meet officer safety needs and use. The equipment layout was performed by Lt. Parish and Matthew D. Parish for what those specific needs would be. The grant was obtained through the Sheriff, Jack Middaugh, and reviewed by Matt Parish, Lt. Parish, and Lt. Monce of the patrol division.

MIT did the in car docking station installations while Matt Parish setup and configured all the “Fully Rugged CF30 Though Books”. Lt. Parish configured all the EVDO cellular military spec modems and GPS/AVL units that allow the cruisers to display on the Pictometry and Accuglob software that resides in our dispatch center. This completed project is a major advancement to help better serve our county.

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May 23

Memorial Day Weekend Patrol

The Pickaway County Sheriff’s Office will have extra patrol units out over the Memorial Day weekend to encourage safe driving practices. The particular focus will be on speed and seat belt usage. Excessive speed has been a factor in nearly all of the fatal crashes this year. The patrol units will have zero tolerance toward speed, seat belt usage, and other violations. Everyone is encouraged to use safe driving practices so that we may all have a safe and enjoyable Holiday weekend.

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Apr 10

Pickaway County Sheriff’s Office Conducts Drug Sweep

Under the direction of Lt. John Monce, the Pickaway County Sheriff’s Office conducted a drug sweep this week at Westfall High and Middle schools and Teays Valley High school. Five canine units were utilized to conduct the drug check. Deputies Tracy Andrews and Stacey Eitel used their canine units and were assisted by three additional canine units from the Delaware County Sheriff’s o Office. Deputy Dale Thomas assisted by coordinating the event with school officials. The canine units, as seen in this picture, checked student lockers for drugs. Following the locker check, the units were then moved to the student parking area where they checked cars for any hint of drugs. Pickaway County Sheriff Dwight E. Radcliff says that additional schools will be checked in the coming weeks.

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Mar 06

911 Phones for Seniors and Abuse Victims

The Sheriff’s Office is participating in a program to supply 911 Emergency Cell Phones to victims of abuse and others who may not have access to a phone in case of an emergency. The program, in cooperation with the National Sheriff’s Association, takes discarded cell phones and converts them into 911 Emergency Cell phones. These phones can only call 911. The phones are distributed, free of charge, to abuse victims and others who may not have access to phone in emergency situations.

The Sheriff asks that you drop off any old or discarded cell phones to the Sheriff’s Office at 600 Island Road. The phones will then be converted to 911 phones and distributed as described above.

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Jan 25

Overtime Grant

Sheriff Radcliff has announced the receipt of Government Grant worth $25,000 for Patrol overtime to improve the safety on our roads and highways. The Grant targets high profile holidays and times of increased traffic and is aimed at promoting seat belt usage and reducing aggressive driving. Special emphasis is placed on seat belt usage, speed reduction, and driving under the influence.

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Jan 25

Pictometry Cell Phone Mapping

Pictometry is now in use by the Sheriff’s office. This is a sophisticated mapping system which enables agencies to view any location in the County in great detail. Aerial views as well as oblique angle views are available, via computer, to our Dispatchers. From these views, accurate measurements of both horizontal and vertical distances can be made. This allows our communications to inform Patrol, Fire, and EMS crews of a scene while still in transit to the location. They then arrive with a good knowledge of what to expect. We are fortunate to be one of only four Ohio Counties to have this system.

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Jan 25

Winter Cold For Year 2007 – 2008

Winter and cold weather brings the need for everyone to focus on different Safety aspects. Home heating and the frequent use of additional space heaters and fireplaces needs to watched closely to prevent to prevent overheating and the risk of fire. We are also reminded to adjust our driving habits. Slick roads and patches of ice require close attention and reduced speed. A survival kit for cold weather should be a part of tools in every vehicle.

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May 25

Sheriff’s Office Is Now Language Line Certified

The Pickaway County Sheriff’s Office is now Language Line Certified. This is a 24 hours 7 days a week service. The Office now has access to get translation help in 170 different languages.

This is a basic explanation from the Language Line Website

Each time you call Language Line Services, for any of our 170 languages, you can expect a professional interpreter with these

* skills and qualities:

* Proficiency in both languages

* General knowledge and intimate familiarity with both cultures

* Ability to express thoughts clearly and concisely in both languages

* General knowledge of the subject to be interpreted

* Excellent note-taking technique

* Memory enhancement skills

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May 25

Sheriff Adds Extra Patrols For The Memorial Wekend

Pickaway County Sheriff, Dwight E. Radcliff announced that his office will be adding extra patrols for the Memorial Day Weekend; Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday. As part of a State-wide High Visibility Program by Law Enforcement Agencies, the Sheriff’s Office will be focusing on Seat Belt usage and other safe driving practices. Sheriff Radcliff reminds you that clicking that seat belt is not only an excellent safety practice; it is also a state law and a zero tolerance policy will be observed for violations of seat belt usage and child restraint usage. Travel is expected to be very heavy as the weekend officially kicks off the start of summer activities. Please drive responsibly with your safety and the safety of others around you as a primary focus.

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