QUESTION: What is RSS News Feeds?

ANSWER: RSS is an easy way for you to keep updated automatically on Web sites you like. Instead of checking your favorite websites to see if they’ve written a new article or feature, you can use RSS (which stands for Really Simple Syndication) to get them to tell you every time they have something new.

QUESTION: How do you subscribe to RSS News Feeds?

ANSWER: You can click on the RSS News Feed icon at the top left corner of every page on our site, and then click the subscribe button after the RSS Feed displays. Note you have the option to subscribe to the feed by adding it to your favorites, your browser tool bar, Thunderbird e-mail, Outlook e-mail, or to any RSS Feed reader software that may reside on your system.

QUESTION: What is a Newsletter Subscription?

ANSWER: Newsletter Subscriptions are informative e-mails that can be sent out to anyone who subscribes to all our newsletters or selected newsletters. Newsletters are used to send out important information on events, press-releases, or any other topic that may pertain to the Pickaway County Sheriff’s Office.

QUESTION: How do I subscribe to a newsletter?

ANSWER: Simply type in your name, then type in your e-mail address, select the newsletters you would like to receive information on, and then click the subscribe button. It will display a message telling you if your subscription/s were successful, and if so; you need to check your e-mail and confirm your subscription before your e-mail is active to our newsletter.

QUESTION: How do I remove my e-mail address from your newsletters if I decide I don’t want any more information being sent to my e-mail

ANSWER: You will always have the option to remove your e-mail address from our newsletters mailing list, by clicking the unsubscribe link in ever newsletter we send out.

QUESTION: If I subscribe to your newsletters, will I receive SPAM?

ANSWER: NO! The Pickaway County Sheriff’s Office does not solicit or redistribute any personal information from our subscribers. All post and news related articles you receive from our subscriptions will be strictly from our office.

QUESTION: What are News Categories?

ANSWER: News Categories are label news articles that are filtered by category. You can narrow your search for content by selecting a news category for specific topics. Example: General News will contain basic information that needs to be displayed to the public immediately, whereas other categories such as Sheriff Sales will be specific to just topics on Sheriff Sales.

QUESTION: What are News Archives?

ANSWER: News Archives are news releases from all categories that have past a certain date and time that get automatically archived for future reference. All news articles that get posted to our website will eventually be archive. This is a great resource if you ever need to reference something in the past.

QUESTION: I noticed you have a calendar on your site. What’s it for?

ANSWER: The calendar displayed is just an active calendar that will show current date and year, and it will also highlight any days of the month/year with a link that will guide you to pages of all news postings that may have occurred that day. You can look at the calendar and see highlighted days and know there was an article of information posted that day.

QUESTION: What are Quick Link’s?

ANSWER: Quick Links are just linked websites of local resources that may be interesting to certain viewer of our website. These links will direct you in a separate page to a different website of resources.

QUESTION: What are Latest Tweets?

ANSWER: This would be the Pickaway County Sheriff’s Office Twitter Feed. Every time we post something to our site, it will also post to our Twitter account. So be sure to follow us on twitter if you like.

QUESTION: What is the Circleville Herald Scanner?

ANSWER: The Circleville Herald Police Scanner is a host service that the Circleville Herald provides. This scanner can be played on any computer or mobile device that supports the following media player applications. You can find out more information on this scanner at

QUESTION: What is Visitor Map Data?

ANSWER: Visitor Map Data is a backend database utility that allows us to track all web activity to generate reports on who, when, and where website visitors are accessing. The visitor count is in real time of unique IP’s AKA visitors that have been to our site within a posted date and year. Read our Terms of use page at