QUESTION: What do I do about a barking dog?

ANSWER: If you live outside a city or village limits, there are no laws restricting barking dogs. If you live inside a village or city, you should contact your local law enforcement agency.

QUESTION: What do I do if I find someone dumping trash on my property?

ANSWER: Call the Sheriff’s Office (740)-477-6000 and a deputy will be sent to your home. If you find names and addresses in the trash, this can be used as evidence to investigate and prosecute the person or persons responsible.

QUESTION: What can I do about people trespassing (hunting, ATV, fishing, etc.) on my property?

ANSWER: Should you find someone trespassing on your property, call the Sheriff’s Office (740)-477-6000 and a deputy or the game warden will be sent to your home. In order for you to prosecute, the person or persons must be on your property.

QUESTION: What is the speed limit on country roads through “residential areas” (for example, a row of houses.)?

ANSWER: Unless otherwise posted the speed limit is 55 mph. (not in a corporation limit).

QUESTION: How do I get a restraining order?

QUESTION: Is this a domestic violence situation?

ANSWER: Contact your local law enforcement for an investigative report.

QUESTION: Is this related to a divorce or separation?

ANSWER: Contact an attorney. Domestic Relations at Common Pleas Court handles these orders.

QUESTION: Is this related to a private matter (neighbor, etc)?

ANSWER: Contact an attorney. Municipal or County Court usually handles these orders.

QUESTION: What are “Restricted Hours” in a school zone if there are no flashing lights or signs indicating the restricted hours?

ANSWER: See ORC section 4511.21 (B) (1)(a). There is no requirement to post flashing lights or post restricted hours in which school zone speed limits are in effect.

QUESTION: Is it legal for county residence to shoot firearms on their property?

ANSWER: It is legal to shoot firearms in the county as long as safety precautions are being taken. (i.e. not shooting towards houses, roadways, etc.) It is not legal to shoot firearms in cities or villages.[/important]

QUESTION: Who do I call if I am having a property line dispute with my neighbor? (i.e. fence lines, trees, etc.)?

ANSWER: You may contact your township trustees; however the most accurate way to settle a property line dispute may be to have a survey of the affected properties completed.

QUESTION: Is it legal to ride a 4 wheeler or snowmobile on the roadway?

ANSWER: It is acceptable to ride a 4 wheeler or snowmobile on the roadway in certain situations.

1. If the 4 wheeler is for legitimate farm use and equipped with the proper signal, (i.e. SMV sign, etc), it is legal to ride on the road.

2. If the 4 wheeler/snowmobile is equipped with the State of Ohio ATV recreation sticker it is legal to ride on County and Township roads from point to point for a purpose only. (No pleasure riding) Drivers must be licensed drivers and follow common safety procedures, (i.e. eye protection, safe speeds, riding to the edge of the road.) It is not legal for unlicensed juveniles to ride ATVs on the roadway.

QUESTION: If I have a civil order such as custody order, can the Sheriff’s Office enforce the order?

ANSWER: In most civil cases the Sheriff’s Office can only standby as a peace keeper and document what we observe. You would then need to contact a private attorney for further legal action. A copy of our written report could be used in a future legal action.[/important]