Updated: November 28th, 2018


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Deputy Sheriff (Court Services)


Completion of secondary education or equivalent; possession of certificate of having successfully completed approved basic peace officer training program per section 109.77(A) of Ohio Revised Code; ability to successfully pass required employment checks such as criminal record, background checks (including polygraph examination), intelligence, physical, mental, and work-related tests; one (1) month’s training and/or experience in public relations or equivalent; or equivalent combination of education and/or experience; must be, or have the ability to become, a commissioned deputy sheriff.


Conducts daily job assignments and answers questions of a normal nature.  Responsible for knowing and following all rules and regulations of the Court. Makes rounds of court house, checks to see if other deputies need relief or assistance. Assists deputies on shake down of all prisoners scheduled for court, and assists in transporting prisoners to assigned court rooms when necessary. Delivers inmates to Grand Jury room for hearings as needed. Arrests defendants when warranted. Responds to emergency situations. Maintains security of the Court House (fire, citizen’s complaints, bomb threats).

Ability to prepare accurate reports & records, communicate information both orally and in writing, run, walk, stand or sit for extended or intermittent periods of time, listen, comprehend and respond to discussions involving either one-on-one or group settings, remain alert and watchful during assigned duty hours, withstand extremes of climate exposure and potential exposure to health and safety hazards, transport individuals, paperwork or material which may involve climbing stairs, demonstrate strength, endurance and flexibility while wearing job-related equipment, physically restrain angry or violent people. Other duties as assigned.


– New employee – One (1) year.  Tenured employee – Six (6) months.


– See contract for steps or contact appointing authority.


– Submit your resume and letter explaining qualifications.


– Dave Evans, Human Resources Administrator


– Not accepting applications at this time.

Be a U.S. Citizen.

Be at least 21 years of age at the time your application is submitted.

Have a high school diploma, GED or equivalent.

Have a valid OHIO State Driver’s License

Be able to read, write and speak the English Language.

Be O.P.O.T.A. certified per section 109.77 of Ohio Revised Code.

Vision: Must have corrected vision to 20/20

Prior Experience: Preferred but not required.

Specific Disqualifiers/Behaviors: Felony, Criminal Activity Disqualifiers The following occurrences and/or incidents in a candidate’s background may result in disqualification from the selection process (but are not limited to): Felony Conviction Driving Disqualifiers Poor driving history. Drug Use Disqualifiers Illegal use of controlled substances and/or conviction for controlled substance violation. Employment Disqualifiers Poor work history to include abuse of sick leave, disciplinary actions showing disregard for policies and procedures, etc. Financial Disqualifiers Poor credit history including debts not being regularly paid. Additional Disqualifiers Other concerns deemed undesirable in a deputy sheriff position given the responsibilities incumbent to this position.

Contact Information: Dave Evans, Human Resources Administrator

Pickaway County Sheriff’s Office
600 Island Rd.
Circleville, Ohio 43113

E-mail Michael D. Evans

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