Updated: March 1, 2021

No longer accepting applications.

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Communications Officer (Communication Division)


Completion of secondary education or equivalent supplemented by training in law enforcement communications practices and procedures; ability to calculate fractions, decimals, and percentages, and to read and write common vocabulary.


Must obtain LEADS, CCH, and NCIC certification according to schedule established by certifying authorities; valid Ohio driver’s license.


Operates telecommunications console to receive incoming calls for assistance; determines nature and urgency of call (e.g., emergency, service, information, etc.) and priority of response; receives and transmits radio communications (e.g., dispatches patrol officers, fire EMS, county engineer, ODOT, utility company personnel, and equipment for purposes of law enforcement, traffic control, accident investigation, motorist assistance, fires, medical emergencies, etc.); scans status charts and computer screen to determine units available; logs and records calls; monitors multiple frequencies and patrol units; contacts support services as necessary (e.g., highway patrol, municipal police, fire, ambulance, etc.); responds to inquires and requests from general public and handles complaints; monitors 911 emergency lines and takes appropriate actions.

Operates law enforcement computerized information systems (e.g., LEADS, NCIC, CCH, etc.); communicates with officers/officials; interprets messages and responds according to established office procedures; takes and furnishes information in reference to criminal record and background checks (e.g., social security number, driver’s license number, vehicle registration, warrants, missing persons (juvenile and adult), stolen vehicles, etc.); provides direction to officers and routes information to appropriate person, office, or agency.

Maintains accurate communications log (i.e., telephone, radio, and message control); uses in-house computer system (e.g., updates daily information; enters and deletes warrant files on computer system; inputs data on prisoners, stolen vehicles, missing persons, stolen property; etc.); prepares reports and maintains related documentation as required (e.g., searches files, written notices, processes cards, etc.).

Monitors closed circuit television security systems for sheriff’s office facility (e.g., front lobby area, parking lot, etc.); monitors alarm board for county and municipal businesses and services (e.g., stores, banks, schools, etc.); notifies business owners of problems or damages discovered by officers; contacts key holders.

Performs clerical and support duties as necessary (e.g., assists with records processing; contacts legal personnel and county court officials; notifies officers of court schedules and maintains same; copies and distributes materials; inventories supplies; prepares forms; cleans office; etc.).

– Attends staff meetings, training sessions, workshops, and seminars as required.

– Demonstrates regular and predictable attendance.

– Meets all job safety requirements and all applicable OSHA safety standards that pertain to essential functions.

– Performs other related duties as assigned.

– Works overtime as necessary.


– New employee – One (1) year.  Tenured employee – Six (6) months.


– See contract for steps or contact appointing authority.


– Submit resume and letter explaining qualifications.


– Dave Evans, Human Resources Administrator


– No longer accepting applications.

Age: 18

High School Grad/GED: Yes

Valid OHIO State Driver’s License: Yes

Ability to Read/Speak English: Yes

Vision: Must have corrected vision to 20/20 Prior Experience: Preferred but not required Necessary Certifications:

Must be able to obtain a LEADS certification within 6 months of hire.

Specific Disqualifiers/Behaviors: Felony, Criminal Activity Disqualifiers The following occurrences and/or incidents in a candidate’s background may result in disqualification from the selection process (but are not limited to): Felony Conviction Driving Disqualifiers Poor driving history. Drug Use Disqualifiers Illegal use of controlled substances and/or conviction for controlled substance violation. Employment Disqualifiers Poor work history to include abuse of sick leave, disciplinary actions showing disregard for policies and procedures, etc. Financial Disqualifiers Poor credit history including debts not being regularly paid. Additional Disqualifiers Other concerns deemed undesirable in a Communications Officer position given the responsibilities incumbent to this position.

General Statement of Duties: The Communications officer is responsible for dispatching sheriff office, village police, fire and emergency medical service personnel via a county–wide 800 MHz radio system.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

•Communicates accurate and timely information via radio and/or telephone.

•Dispatches public safety services via Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD).

•Operates telephone systems, multi-line 911 system, as well as Telecommunications Devices for the Deaf (TDD).

•Monitors the status, location, availability and communication of all public safety personnel.

•Completion of logs and records.

•Utilizes LEADS, Accuglobe and computerized criminal history (CCH).

•Provides non-emergency and emergency information to law enforcement personnel and public.

Contact Information: Lt. Rhoades, Administrative Lt.

Pickaway County Sheriff’s Office
600 Island Rd.
Circleville, Ohio 43113
(740) 474-2176

E-mail Lt. Jon F. Rhoades

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