The Patrol Division answers all calls for service. Responds to all criminal complaints, house checks, suspicious vehicles/persons, auto accidents and many times is the first responder to Fire and EMS calls. Pickaway County has six patrol districts and at any given time these districts are patrolled by a minimum of three and a maximum of eight patrol cars.

Our patrol units are equipped with some of the most advanced technologies on the market today that have been obtained through grant money that has had no cost bearing of Pickaway County. These technologies include but not limited to mobile Panasonic ToughBooks & docking stations, military spec embedded modems with AVL/GPS, filtered Internet access, E-mail access, internally managed IM, Ohleg, LEADS, remote reports, etc…

These are some of the great tools that are being utilized by the Pickaway County Sheriff’s Office to make a better safer way of handling things to streamline to ongoing efforts to better serve Pickaway County and the citizens that reside here.



Sgt. Barrowman

Sgt. Carpenter

Sgt. Schleich

Cpl. Eveland

Cpl. H. Lane

Dep. Bowers

Dep. Brushart

Dep. Eitel

Dep. Finley

Dep. Freeman

Dep. Graul

Dep. Hugus

Dep. Kreager

Dep. M. Lane

Dep. Moore

Dep. Poorman

Dep. Ramey

Dep. Relli

Dep. Skaggs

Dep. Thomas

Dep. Wallace


Velma started in Pickaway County in 1992; she is responsible for all clerical duties as it pertains to operation of the Patrol divisions written reports, duty logs, arrests paperwork and tracking citations. She is also responsible for residential and business check lists and assists other administrative clerical staff.


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