Lieutenant Strawser began his law enforcement career at the Pickaway County Sheriff’s Office in 2003, where he hired in as a Corrections Officer. Lieutenant Strawser was promoted to the Patrol Division in 2006. In 2008 Lieutenant Strawser was transferred to investigations where he served as a Detective. During a portion of his time as an investigator Lieutenant Strawser has been a member of the US 23 Major Crimes Task Force. In January of 2021 Strawser was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant and is now in charge of the Detective Bureau. He is responsible to monitor case progress and to keep Sheriff Hafey appraised of new developments in all major cases. He maintains a case load of his own and assists in other cases.  He also reviews all new reports filed by deputies, oversees the evidence room, and is responsible to protect the chain of custody on all physical evidence.

The Criminal Division represents the investigative section, which provides follow-up, preparation and presentation of evidence for cases presented to the County Grand Jury and later to the court or jury. This division is actively involved in several state task forces This division is responsible for the collection of evidence, processing and storage.

All divisions, especially the Patrol Division, work with the Detectives. The Detective Bureau conducts investigations on all crime reports, and documents each case progress.

The detectives work closely with the Pickaway County Prosecutor to insure legal technicalities are met. The Detective Bureau collects, preserves, and processes evidence involved with investigations of all different types. Examples of a few of the evidence types are; DNA, Fingerprint, Trace, Gunshot Residue, handwriting, victim and eye witness statements. Detectives must stay current on methods of collection and preservation for different types of evidence. Detectives work with B.C.I. & I. laboratory and field agents to insure evidence is maintained in suitable condition for lab analysis and to maintain a strict chain of custody. The “Chain of Custody” insures evidence has not presented an opportunity for tampering.

The Detectives must also be able to document and testify as to the relevance of each evidence item to the case. The Detectives and Prosecutor must meet the high standards of “Proof beyond a reasonable doubt”, when the case is presented to the Court or Jury.