The Corrections Division maintains a full service jail with a bed capacity for 110 inmates (16 female and 94 male), plus holding and medical. This division provides the incarceration, classification, educational programs, religious services, as well as medical and food service for the inmates.

The Corrections Division is also responsible for Court Security and Transportation of Inmates. The Corrections Division has an officer assigned to the Court House for Security of the courts. This officer also assists with the movement of inmates within the Court House. The Corrections Division has an officer assigned who is responsible for the transportation of inmates (e.g., courts, penal institutions, other jails, medical/mental evaluations).

Sex Offender Registration for Pickaway County is conducted by the Corrections Division. Under the Sex Offender Registration and Notification Law, it is the responsibility of the Sheriff to maintain records pertaining to the registration of all Sex Offenders and to make community notification to the public when a Sexual Predator resides within Pickaway County.

LT. Carpenter

Is currently the Operations Jail Administrator of the Corrections Division. He has completed the Ohio Corrections academy the Ohio Peace Officer Academy. He assists and reports to Sheriff Radcliff.


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