Lieutenant Rhoades began his career at the Pickaway County Sheriff’s Office in 1989 and is the Administrative Lieutenant in charge of the Communication Division and the IT personnel.  Lt. Rhoades began his career in 1985 with Pickaway County Engineer Robert Parker as a tax map draftsman.  Lt. Rhoades started working with Sheriff Dwight E. Radcliff in 1989 until 1998 when he accepted a position with the Ohio State Highway Patrol as a Police Officer.  In 2003, he started with the Public Utilities Commission as a Hazardous Materials Specialist until his retirement in 2017.  During this entire period, Lt. Rhoades maintained a Reserve Commission with the Pickaway County Sheriff’s Office.

In 2017, Lt. Rhoades came back to the Sheriff’s Office full-time.  During this time, the Sheriff’s Office was undergoing a transition to a new communications center which was completed in 2018.

About the Communications Division:

The communications division handles all incoming calls for service for Pickaway County. The division has 3 fully functional and 1 spare dispatch console in the recently renovated dispatch center that was updated in conjunction with the Pickaway County Commissioners in 2018.

The division handles all incoming 9-1-1 cellular calls from the Pickaway County and also all landline calls except for landline calls originating in the City of Circleville. The Sheriff’s Dispatch Center dispatches for 4 village police departments and 17 township fire and EMS agencies.  Each dispatcher in trained as a Public Safety Telecommunicator, Emergency Medical Dispatcher, and Fire Service Dispatcher.

The Communications Division works closely with all county fire, EMS, and police departments to assure that the needs of all disciplines are met in the dispatch center.

The Dispatch Center uses technology such as Auto Vehicle Locators, GPS, GPS Mapping, Computer Aided Dispatch, Pictometry Imagery, and other platforms to provide the best services available for our dispatchers and the general public in case of an emergency.

This Division also monitors various alarms, monitors the NOAA Weather Radio and activates severe weather alert sirens for the entire county including the City of Circleville.

The Communications Division is the heart of the Pickaway County Sheriff’s Office with each dispatcher completing numerous hours of training as required by the State of Ohio to become qualified to dispatch in a 9-1-1 center.  Each dispatcher also has to maintain over 24 hours of continuing education mandated by the State each year.