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The Administrative Division of the Pickaway County Sheriff’s Office consists of supervisory personnel assigned to each division and the clerical staff of the Sheriff’s Office. These supervisory personnel are responsible for all personnel matters (e.g. hiring, discipline, promotion review, divisional supervision.) This division is also responsible for fiscal, telecommunications, transcribing and computer processing of statements, technical services and reports, relating to investigations of accidents, offenses and incidents for release to the courts and public. This division receives and distributes all court documents and correspondence to the other divisions.

Administration Staff:

» Sheriff Robert B. Radcliff – Pickaway County Sheriff

» James E. Bingman – Chief Deputy

» Robert W. Reeser – HR Administrator

» Matthew D. Parish – Technology Administrator

» Melissa L. Tootle – Payroll Administrator

» Susan Turvey – Finance Administrator

» Lt. Dale E. Parish – Detective Commander

» Lt. Troy M. Rine – Jail Administrator

» Lt. Larry M. Mosley – Court House Security, C.C.W. & Background

» Lt. Cory R. Bachnicki - Patrol Commander

Office Clerical Staff:

» Becky L. Rhoades – Records Clerk

» Bethany R. Minzler – Civil Clerk

» Dayna J. Kelley – Warrants Clerk

» Joyce Davis – Receptionist

» Velma Adkins – Patrol Secretary

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