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More Fatalities for October

One more traffic fatality for the month of October adds to the increase in traffic deaths in Pickaway County.  As the Holidays approach and the weather begins to change, drivers need to be aware that the number one thing they can do to improve their safety is to buckle up. 

“By making sure you ‘Buckle Up Every Trip Every Time” you can improve your chances of surviving a crash by 50%”, noted Safe Communities of Pickaway County Director Teresa C. Carper.  “We were fortunate to have a decrease in traffic deaths over the last two years; however we have seen an increase this past year.”

Because of the increase, Pickaway County is not following the overall State trend.  The State of Ohio is looking to have a record low in traffic deaths.  As of November 5, 2013, Ohio had 811 confirmed traffic crash fatalities.  The goal is to have under 1,000 this year, and traffic safety advocates are focused on “A Safer Ohio”.

By visiting the National Highway Traffic Administration’s website at www.nhtsa, you can find tips to keep yourself, and your passengers safe.

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Remember That Buzzed Driving IS Drunk Driving This Halloween

As the darkness falls across the Pickaway County landscape, and ghosts and goblins appear everywhere…….you know that something is lurking in the darkness.  Trust us….they will see you before you see them!   That is because law enforcement officials will be out this Halloween making sure that they deliver the scary news that if you don’t “Drive Sober” you will “Get Pulled Over”!

For those of us who love Halloween, the great events, and fantastic celebrations, it is important to remember the best way to celebrate is to plan ahead and designate a driver long before the party begins.  Some will spend weeks planning that party or the great costume………so why not plan for safety?   It is important to remember that just a few drinks can cause impairment when behind the wheel.  Remembering that “Buzzed Driving IS Drunk Driving” can save the fun of this spooky time of year, and prevent that scary trip to jail for one bad decision.

“The Pickaway County Sheriff’s Office plans to use part of our High Visibility Overtime Enforcement grant funds to make sure we do all we can to make this Halloween a safe one for all our travelers in Pickaway County”, noted Sheriff Robert Radcliff.  “Please plan ahead for the safety of party guests and yourself this Halloween.” 

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has information on Halloween, and safe driving tips.  Information can be found at their website at .  But Safe Communities Director Teresa C. Carper stated that making special non-alcoholic drinks available to guests or providing a place for them to stay after the party can save this fun holiday. 

“Just get creative, and make sure you realize that ‘Friends Never Let Friends Drive Drunk’ this Halloween or any time of the year”, she concluded.

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“It Takes Two”: Theme of National Teen Driver Safety Week October 20-26

“It Takes Two”:  Shared Expectations for Teens and Parents for Driving” is the theme this year of the National Teen Driver Safety Week October 20-26, 2013.  Teen Driver Safety Week is held the third week of October to bring awareness that teens are four times more likely to be involved in a fatal motor vehicle crash than adult drivers.  Nearly 5,000 teens die in motor vehicle crashes each year in the United States.  The theme was created because of the belief that during the first year of independent driving, it takes both the parent and the teen driver working together to create a skilled driver.  Parents who provide training, set expectations for their teen driver, and demand safety as a part of this privilege are more likely to have a teen driver that respects the rules of the road and incorporates safe driving habits.

“In Pickaway County, we recognize Teen Driver Safety Week and hold our teen driver safety program as an important part of our overall safety initiative”, noted Safe Communities of Pickaway County Director Teresa C. Carper.  “During the Pumpkin Show this year we are promoting Teen Driver Safety, and we will work with the schools throughout the year to continue to promote safety to this age group.”  Safe Communities recently changed the name of their program to “Impact Teen Driver” to meet the State of Ohio’s overall programming for teen driver safety.

Teen driver fatalities have decreased in the county, however with each new set of drivers each year the work of safety advocates never ends.  Local schools have made teen driver safety an important part of their overall education and safety measures.  Seat belt use has increased among local teens by an average of 26% over the last few years.

Parents and Teens alike can view information on Teen Driver Safety Week by visiting or the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration website at .

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September Adds to Overall Increase in Traffic Fatalities

     September has continued the trend for the increase in traffic fatalities in Pickaway County.  A total of three traffic related deaths were noted for this past month, and traffic safety advocates continue to work on efforts to reduce these increasing numbers.

     “Actual fatal crashes and the number of people killed as a result of a motor vehicle crash has increased this year, and members of the Safe Communities Program have continued to note their concern for the increase in enforcement and education”, noted Teresa C. Carper, Director for the program.  “The lack of seat belt use continues to be an issue we discuss over and over as we review these crashes.  The message is simple…..improve your safety by simply taking a few seconds to buckle up.”

     Safe Communities just started their new fiscal year with the approval of their grant from the Ohio Department of Public Safety’s Traffic Safety Office.   The Pickaway County Sheriff’s Office was also renewed for their High Visibility Enforcement Overtime (HVEO) grant.  Both grants approach the traffic safety issue from a different perspective; however the two programs work cooperatively with other agencies to promote traffic safety messages throughout the year.

     “By working with Safe Communities, and providing extra patrols to our roadways through the assistance of these grants, we hope to reduce the number of crashes and fatalities on our roadways”, noted Sheriff Robert Radcliff.   “My Office works in partnership with other law enforcement agencies and safety organizations to ensure that we are doing all we can to keep our local roadways safe.”

     The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has a wealth of information and safety tips on their website at .   But Carper concluded by saying that improving your safety is as simple as making sure you “Buckle Up Every Trip Every Time”.

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Drive Safely Work Week is October 7-11, 2013

     We may take a simple drive to work for granted.  But being safe behind the wheel should never be taken for granted.  The Network of Employers for Traffic Safety (NETS) has designated this week, October 7-11, 2013, as “Drive Safely Work Week”.  Each year, this organization uses this week in October to remind drivers that being safe on their way to work is not only good for those who are on the road, but it is also good for business.   Part of the campaign is to encourage employers to make traffic safety a part of their overall safety plan, and to help remind workers that safety extends well beyond the work place doors.

     The campaign this year is taking a more holistic approach to the safety message. Employees who are at their physical and mental best, as well as remembering the “health” of their motor vehicle, can all lead to safer travel to and from a place of employment.  Drivers should make sure they get enough rest, have regular eye exams, and use breaks at work to help sustain their energy and focus.  The term “impaired driving” can be used for exhaustion as well as alcohol or drug impairment.  When a driver is tired, distractions may also have more of an impact than for those drivers who are well rested and can stay focused. 

     Keeping your motor vehicle “healthy” is also an important part of the traffic safety message.  Have brakes inspected, and have them repaired when needed.  Make your vehicle visible by keeping headlights, tail lights, and signals in good working order.  Finally, keep an emergency kit ready in your vehicle in case you do break down along the roadway.

     As Autumn approaches, and daylight hours decrease, it is important to make sure these tips are followed for making your drive to and from work a safe one.  The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration works with a variety of organizations to make sure that drivers put safety first each and every time they are behind the wheel of a motor vehicle.  Visit the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration website at for a variety of ways that you can improve your safety anytime you take to the road.

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Pickaway County Safe Bank Project

NATI_LOGO.pngTo register for this free training, please fill in your information below. You can also fax in your registration from the following printable PDF version of the 2013 Safe Banking Brochure.

To Read More Click Here


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A Review of Fatalities Shows an Increase in Deaths on Local Roadways.

A recent meeting of the Fatal Review Committee of the Safe Communities of Pickaway County Program notes an increase in fatalities for the year.   Fatalities due to motor vehicle crashes had been going down over the past two years, but the past year has seen these numbers on the rise.   The committee meets each quarter to make recommendations of what the program can do, and gives law enforcement a chance to exchange information regarding crashes and fatalities.

     “As always, Traffic Safety Advocates have the goal of zero fatalities in any community in which they serve”, noted Teresa C. Carper, Director for Safe Communities of Pickaway County.  “But once again we are seeing a rise in the numbers, and we will need to work harder to remind motorists to practice safe driving habits.”

     The Committee noted a recent increase in crashes that involve drivers who are not being aware of traffic signals and stop signs.  Crashes from the rear that involve multiple vehicles have made headlines lately, and is a concern for the committee.  But the committee’s recommendations remain the same in that education of seat belt use and impaired driving needs to remain a focus of the program.  They also note the need to continue their High Visibility Patrols of local roadways to ensure safer travel in Pickaway County.  

     Safe Communities will be ending their fiscal year on September 30th, and although seat belt use is increasing, the overall review of the year still shows the need for motorists to “Buckle Up Every Trip Every Time” they get behind the wheel, and to remember safe speeds when driving on rural roadways.

     For more information on how to keep you and your passengers safe while behind the wheel, visit the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration website at .

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Kids & Badges Day…


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Lest we Forget


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Pickaway County Scheduled 911 Maintenance


DATE: August 12, 2013

Robert B. Radcliff, Sheriff

The Pickaway County Sheriff’s Office PSAP (Public Safety Answering Point); will be undergoing some  911 scheduled maintenance to hardware and software on “Wednesday August 08/14/2013 between 9:00am to 1:00pm.” During this time frame disruption to 911 services could occur. The Sheriff’s Office will make every effort to see this window of scheduled maintenance goes as smoothly as possible. If you have an emergency during the specific date and time of the scheduled maintenance, please give your phone number, name and location when calling into 911. If you have any issues connecting to 911 during the scheduled maintenance window; you can call our “Alternate Emergency Numbers.” at 800-345-2176  or  740-474-2176



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