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Bomb threat at the Wal-Mart Store on US23 South of Circleville

According to; Pickaway County Sheriff Robert B. Radcliff, on April 30, 2014 at approximately 10:40 PM Pickaway County Sheriff’s Office received report of a bomb threat at the Wal-Mart Store on US23 South of Circleville. The store received a call answered by a clerk. The caller stated there were bombs in the store. The clerk alerted a supervisor who got on the line. The caller repeated the threat. At that time the Sheriff’s Office was called.

Pickaway County Sheriff’s Deputies and Pickaway Township FD personnel responded to the scene. The Wal-Mart Store was locked down. Patrons and store employees were evacuated. store managers made a quick check of the store as patrons and employees were being evacuated.

As the building was being cleared, Sheriff Radcliff requested assistance of bomb dogs to assist in search of the Wal-Mart store. Ross County Sheriff’s bomb K-9 unit and a bomb K-9 from Columbus Fire Department arrived at the scene and searched the building. No bombs or explosives were found.

The store resumed operations at 2:20AM 5-1-2014

Sheriff Radcliff advised the case remains under investigation at this time.

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Knisley Case Update 04/28/2014

Knisley was arraigned via video arraignment at 10:00AM today by Judge Gary Dumm.

Knisley requested a continuance and a court appointed attorney.

Judge Gary Dumm set his bond at $250,000.00

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Steven Knisley PRESS RELEASE April 25, 2014

Knisley, Steven Duke booking frontKnisley, Steven Duke booking SideKnisley, Steven Duke Booking w glassesAccording to; Pickaway County Sheriff Robert B. Radcliff, on April 25, 2014 at approximately 6:09 AM Pickaway County Sheriff’s Deputies, Circleville Police Department Officers, Franklin County Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force, and Pickaway County Prosecutor’s Office worked in a combined effort on a case of child pornography.

The Franklin County Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force initiated an investigation, which had lead authorities to a computer system located at 6504 Putnam Drive, Circleville, Ohio. The computer had been downloading and sharing child pornography on the internet.

A search warrant was obtained for the address of 6504 Putnam Drive, Circleville, Ohio.  At 6:09AM Officers converged on the residence and proceeded to execute the search warrant checking computer equipment hard drives, flash drives, routers, phones and tablets. Evidence of the child pornography was obtained.

Upon further investigation, Steven Duke Knisley age 43, DOB/4-22-1971 was arrested for Pandering sexually oriented matter involving a minor Section 2907.322 (A) (5), a Felony 4th degree and

Pandering sexually oriented matter involving a minor Section 2907.322 (A) (2), a Felony 2nd degree.

Steven Knisley is on Federal Probation stemming from similar crimes, and an arrest in 2010. Steven Knisely is currently a Tier I – registered sex offender.

Judge Dumm has set no bond until after a hearing on Monday.

The case remains under investigation at this time.

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DATE    December 2, 2012, 5:00 PM

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE. . . . . . . . . . . . . . .



Sheriff Radcliff advised Det. John Strawser and Lt. Dale Parish of Pickaway County Sheriff’s Office worked through the weekend with Craig Martin of US Marshal’s Service to gather and forward information to the Sacramento, CA branch of the Marshal’s Service which led to his capture.

Mr. Billy Lowery of Nicholasville, Kentucky, had seen information on Walker though the media. Information on Walker being wanted had spread through social media and News media. Mr. Lowery immediately called in to Pickaway County Sheriff’s Office. Detective Strawser  and Lt. Parish forwarded that information to Craig Martin of USMS.

US Marshal’s service then sprang into action in Sacramento, California and apprehended an unsuspecting Wayne Walker, as he got off the bus. Walker was taken into custody without incident. Walker will be held at Sacramento County Jail on a 1 Million Dollar bond, pending extradition.

Sheriff Radcliff advised this is what comes from media, Local, Federal Agencies, and Public working together. Specifically response from the public is critical.

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DATE    November 29, 2012 09:00AM

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE. . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

According to Pickaway County Sheriff Dwight E. Radcliff, on November 28, 2012  at approximately 1:09AM Pickaway County Sheriff’s Office received and responded to a 911 call of an infant not breathing at 27355 Armstrong Road, Laurelville.

Deputy Brandon Skaggs arrived on the scene and rescue CPR was started. The child was transported to Berger Hospital by Tarlton Emergency Squad, and subsequently transferred to Children’s Hospital. At Children’s Nationwide Hospital, the child was assessed with trauma consistent with shaken baby syndrome and determined to be brain dead. The Hospital has been testing and following protocol through the night.

Detective John Strawser of Pickaway County Sheriff’s Office and Kim Cullen-Stevens, caseworker of Pickaway County Child Services, has been at Children’s Nationwide Hospital since the early morning hours. This morning the child was taken off life support and pronounced dead just prior to 9:00 AM at Children’s Nationwide Hospital.

According to Sheriff Dwight Radcliff, Wayne “Wolf” Walker, who is a recent boyfriend of the 10 month old boy’s mother is a person of interest. We need to find him to speak about the circumstances of the child’s injuries.

The case remains under investigation by The Pickaway County Sheriff’s Office.


DATE    November 30, 2012 09:00 AM

The Pickaway County Sheriff’s Office has obtained an arrest warrant for 44 year old Wayne Wolf” Walker for Murder in the death of 10 month old Kyle Calton.

Wayne “Wolf” Walker is covered from the neck down in tattoos and has an extensive criminal background.

It is believed that Wayne Walker fled the area. He possibly fled south through Kentucky.

If you see Wayne Walker call your local law enforcement agency.

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Appeal for public action

Perspective is how we look at things around us. I would like to share some information from our records section that will indeed influence your perspective. We are battling a huge epidemic. The epidemic is thefts from motor vehicles. Our patrol officers have been taking an extraordinary amount of these reports and spending the time associated with filing reports and seeking the culprits responsible.

As you can see from the statistics below, over 1/3 of the time our officers spend is to take Theft reports. Further, of all those theft reports, nearly ONE HALF of those reports deal with one type of theft crime: THEFTS FROM MOTOR VEHICLES. As Lieutenant of the Detective Bureau, I see all incoming reports. I know this trend is the same month after month. November is not shaping up to be any better.


September 2011 = 241 Criminal Offense Reports



Loss to Victims

Offense Reports


All Theft Reports



Theft from vehicles


$ 9,158.00

Recovered total (from all thefts)


Total theft complaints are 37.7% of all reports. Theft from vehicles is 49.4% of all theft.


October 2011 = 211 Criminal Offense Reports



Loss to Victims

Offense Reports


All Theft Reports



Theft from vehicles


$ 8,107.00

Recovered total (from all thefts)

$ 2,246.00

Total theft complaints are 31.7% of all reports. Theft from vehicles is 47.7% of all theft.


The theft items from vehicles have included: wallets, purses, cash, change, credit cards, prescription drugs, GPS units, XM radios, weapons, laptop computers, IPODS, phones, electronic game pads, and the list goes on. I understand a GPS unit is generally used in your motor vehicle. However, they most often cost $200.00 or more, and are very easy to get rid of on the street. Very few wind up in a pawnshop where they are documented and police can find them.

Credit cards and personal papers found in wallets and purses can do much more damage to your credit. Usually when stolen, it is at night, and they attempt using them within hours of the theft, while you are still sleeping. You awake to a nightmare of inconvenience and worry about continuing damage to your credit.

The legislature in Ohio recently, in a change of the law this year, INCREASED the theft threshold from $500.00 to $1,000.00. This means the thief can now steal up to $1,000.00 of your property and it is still a misdemeanor crime of “Petty Theft”. A misdemeanor carries substantially less penalty than a felony. Since these crimes are misdemeanors, they get attention after the more serious felony crimes.

With the upcoming holiday season, I expect to see more of these trends in crime. I am concerned shoppers will leave packages in their motor vehicles. It will create an irresistible temptation to the thief.

I believe it is possible for everyone to enjoy a trouble free holiday season and help us in law enforcement to eliminate this type of crime. If every citizen will help law enforcement officers by being responsible to remove all valuables from their vehicles, these crimes COULD NOT HAPPEN. I realize it is a deterrent to lock your car. However, we also take reports on criminal damaging, like when your car window is broken.

I hope everyone who reads this article gains perspective and makes a positive decision not to become a victim. I hope the thieves will be the disappointed ones.

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