Pickaway County has been chosen as stop for a National Speaker on Teen Driving Safety.  Impact Teen Drivers, an organization that works with agencies, schools, and local communities to promote teen driving safety, and educates students on how to promote safety to their peers, will be holding a “Parent Teen Workshop” at Circleville High School on Thursday, March 13, 2014 at 7:00 p.m.  The event will highlight what parents of teen drivers need to know about Graduated Licensing Laws in the State of Ohio, as well as what teens and parents need to know about Ohio texting and driving laws.  The State of Ohio passed new laws on texting and driving over one year ago that prohibits teens from using any type of electronic device while behind the wheel of a motor vehicle.  Motor vehicle crashes are the number one reason for deaths in teens and young adults, and distracted driving is a major contributor to these types of crashes.

The highlight of the event will be a presentation by Martha Tessmer.  Martha’s son Dylan was a high school football star that was being recruited by many colleges, including major institutions here in Ohio.  Dylan’s dreams were cut short in 2007 when Dylan and his girlfriend, along with three other friends, were involved in a crash that caused the death of this young man and cut short a promising future.  Ms. Tessmer is a supporter of Impact Teen Drivers, and promoting safety to all teens in the hopes that their families will not endure the pain of the loss of someone they love.

“We in Pickaway County have been so fortunate to have had many opportunities to host events such as this, and to give parents and teens the chance to learn more about what they can do to improve their safety while behind the wheel of a motor vehicle, as well as protecting the lives of those passengers who ride with them”, noted Teresa C. Carper, Director for Safe Communities of Pickaway County.  “The event is free, and we hope that parents and students will take this opportunity to learn more about the responsibility of being a driver of a motor vehicle.”

The event is presented by Impact Teen Drivers and sponsored by the Pickaway County Sheriff’s Office and Circleville High School.  Funding for this project is made available through grants by the US DOT/National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and the Ohio Department of Public Safety (OTSO).  Door prizes and give-a-ways will also be provided at the event.

“We hope that parents and teens will join us for this very important event”, stated Sheriff Robert B. Radcliff.  “One of the worst things a law enforcement officer must do in his/her career is to inform a parent of the loss of their child in a motor vehicle crash.  We are committed to do all we can to prevent these types of tragedies in our community.”

The event will be held in the auditorium of the new Circleville High School.  All members of the community are welcome.

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